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We are the creative design agency that brings ambitious brands to the next level by transforming their digital business environment.

We connect brands + people. 

We are a CT based Marketing Agency that specializes in everything your business needs in order to grow and also thrive in today’s digital, technological and socially driven environment. We are more than just a CT Marketing & Web Design Company. We are brand architects, marketers, designers, artists, creatives, technologists and innovators who create digital experiences, products, content and brands. We enhance consumer engagement and optimize how your brand is experienced.

Our hybrid approach to marketing and branding is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and we guarantee we will be the last marketing and business solutions company you will ever need. We are CT based but work with clients throughout the US and overseas. We’ve helped launch both local and international brands alike. 

Through digital transformation + digital disruption SmartSeed optimizes how brands are experienced and effectively connects those brands with consumers when they are ready to make buying decisions. We create and connect brands with people in an engaging environment that maximizes growth and success.

It’s that simple.